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The Healthy Weight Six Month Plan

This is our six-month personal training and healthy weight plan. We will construct a sustainable and successful plan to support you in your health goals. What this plan is not… A shred, purge whatever you want to call it. We (you) will work hard to attain your goals while learning how to sustain and maintain your healthy weight. You will build a healthy relationship with food, your exercise, and yourself. We will find what works for you, what you like, what you don’t and create a successful plan designed around you.

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For six months, we will meet twice a week for training and check-in. This plan comes with a total of forty-nine (the first appointment is your assessment and is free) thirty-minute personal training sessions. Every six weeks, we will reassess your measurements and testing to track your progress. We will track BFP (not BMI), perceived stress, step test (heart rate), curl up, push up, and balance tests.

You will also receive a packet with a food journal, self-care tracker, and self-awareness (gratitude) tracker. This plan will support you in having a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and yourself. This is your healthy life plan, and it will be designed just for you.

Please fill out the Request form here so we can get you started on your healthy weight journey



8X a month for 6 months (49 sessions)

$1,184 paid one time (15% discount)

$232 monthly ($1392)

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