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The Zen plan

This is our private yoga plan, we will meet once a week for six months (25 sessions) This plan can/will include meditation, pranayama (breathwork), asana (physical practice), philosophy, and Ayurveda. Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for a while this plan will be built to serve your needs. We will incorporate all that yoga has to offer, physical movement, breathwork, meditation, and more. What we focus on most will depend on you, your likes, and your needs. Incorporating Ayurveda we can help build healthy lifestyles and diet habits. (yes, this can also be a weight management plan using Yogasana)

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We will start by having you fill out our Whole Health Coaching intake form (Ayurvedic intake) to see where imbalances may be happening in your life. From there, we will create a plan to support balance and peace of mind in your life. For example, building strength and endurance with asana practice increased lung capacity with pranayama and a calm mind with meditation and philosophy. 


This plan is structured around you; if you would like a more physical approach, we will focus there, looking for more philosophical and meditative work, we will put our focus there, looking to explore all of it and seeing what draws you in, even better! The options are endless. You will receive a packet with a self-care tracker and a radical self-care journal.


Please fill out our request form so we can get you started on your zen journey



4X a month for 6 months (25 sessions)

$612 paid one time (15% discount)

$120 monthly ($720)

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