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Whole Health Coaching integrates mind and body to design a personal health and wellness plan built just for you. Using wisdom from the east and wisdom from the west we can construct a balanced wellness plan to support you and help you attain your health and wellness goals. 


Everybody’s journey is different and we are here to work with and support you on your personal journey. Whether it’s weight loss, adopting healthy habits, lifestyle changes, trouble sleeping, stress management, injury support, healthy eating, chronic pain, anxiety/depression the list goes on. We will support you and get you on the road to radiant health and vitality. 


We are whole human beings what we eat, say, do (physical activity included) are all connected. When we have aches and pains in the body we seek out physical exercise or yoga to give us some relief, which is not wrong. But we have to go deeper what are we eating? Are we eating foods that cause inflammation? How can we modify those foods to not cause us so much pain? This is what Whole Health Coaching does.


When we have some form of skin irritation most of us run for the lotion/topical solutions again not wrong and can be very helpful. But what about our diet? Are we eating tons of light, dry, cold, crunchy foods? Eating some warm and moist foods can go a long way to soothe the skin. Remember our skin is an organ, it’s the largest organ in the human body. 


Rather than dividing our health and wellness goals into pieces and parts let’s focus on the whole. We get better results when all the parts and components are working together. That is Whole Health Coaching.

We have general Whole Health Coaching (ala cart) and we also have three specific six month plans for those with a particular goal in mind.

1) The Healthy Weight Plan

     This is the weight loss plan.

  • Measurements (body fat) and fitness assessment and readiness evaluation.

  • Step, Push up, balance test (every six weeks to see progress)

  • Resting metabolic Rate, Daily Calories Needed 

  • Find out how many calories you really should be eating everyday. 

  • Simple food and feelings log

  • Building a better relationship with food

  • Check weight every three weeks (to check progress)

  • New measurements/Body fat Every 6 weeks

  • 2 sessions a week for 6 months (48 sessions total, first assessment, readiness and measurements session is free, so 49 sessions)

What this plan is not… A shred, purge whatever you want to call it. We (you) will work hard to attain your goals while learning how to sustain and maintain your healthy weight. You will build a healthy relationship with food, your exercise and yourself. We will find what works for you, what you like, what you don’t and create a successful plan designed around you.

2) The Zen Plan

    This is the yoga plan.

  • Yogasana pranayama

  • meditation work

  • Philosophy

  • Ayurveda

  • Yamas, Niyamas

  • Living your yoga

  • Three Directions 

  • 1. Mostly Physical work (some meditation)

  • 2. Mostly Spiritual work (includes some physical movement)

  • 3. Balance of Physical and Spiritual

Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for a while this plan will be built to serve your needs. We will incorporate all that yoga has to offer, physical movement, breathwork, meditation, and more. What we focus on most will depend on you, your likes, and your needs. Incorporating Ayurveda we can help build a healthy lifestyles and diet habits. (yes, this can also be a weight management plan using Yogasana)

3) The Contingency Plan

    The plan for staying healthy as we age.

Fitness Tests

  • Step

  • Push up

  • Sit up

  • Balance

  • Improve Bone density

  • Support to stay off medications or perhaps lower your doses. (listen to your doctor)

  • Exercise Tailored to your needs

  • Nutrition log

As we age physical movement becomes a little more difficult, keep yourself on the go with smart fitness designed for the mature body. This is the plan to keep us healthy as we age. This plan is also beneficial for injury and/or adaptive yoga and/or exercise (knee/hip replacements, medical conditions, etc.).

Please fill out our request form so we can get you on our schedule and on your health journey.


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