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Back Therapy

Four-Week Back Therapy Series: Nourish Your Spine, Elevate Your Well-Being 

Are you living with chronic back pain, SI Joint pain, bulging or herniated discs, scoliosis, or another back concern in your daily life? Join Yoga Therapist Christine for a transformative journey in a Four-Week Back Therapy Series. These small group yoga therapy sessions are crafted to provide you with essential tools for relief in your daily life, offering a holistic approach to back health through targeted stretching, therapeutic techniques, and wellness tools.

This series is limited to a group of four, ensuring personalized attention and support on your journey to a healthier back. Whether you're dealing with chronic discomfort or another back concern or condition, this series is designed for all levels.


Dates: February 10th, 17th, 24th and March 2nd

Time: 10:30am 

Location: Satya Yoga in-person

Back Therapy

Week 1: Foundation of Relief

Ease into the series with foundational practices to understand your back's needs. Learn gentle stretches and breathing exercises that form the basis for cultivating a healthy and resilient spine.


Week 2: Therapeutic Techniques

Dive deeper into therapeutic techniques designed to address specific areas of discomfort. Christine will guide you through movements and postures tailored to alleviate tension and promote healing.


Week 3: Daily Life 

Discover practical tools to integrate back relief into your daily routine. From ergonomic tips to mindful movement, you'll gain insights that empower you to nurture your back health beyond the yoga mat.


Week 4: Wellness Habits for a Healthy Back

Conclude the series with a comprehensive session on wellness tools and habits. Explore practices that support ongoing back health, including meditation, mindfulness, and self-care strategies to keep your spine vibrant and pain-free.

  • Four-Week Back Therapy Series: Nourish Your Spine, Elevate Your Well-B...


    150 US dollars


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