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Ayurvedic Services

​​At the core, Ayurveda believes that each of us is born with our own personal master plan for vibrant health. Your constitution, in many ways, defines who you are. No two humans have the same Ayurvedic makeup (constitution). Ayurveda recognizes five elements as the fundamental building blocks of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Everything in nature contains all five of these elements.

What might benefit you could be less than beneficial for someone else; one person's nectar is another person's poison.  It all depends on who you are and what patterns are currently functioning in your system. While some practices benefit almost everyone, Ayurveda focuses firmly on you, the individual. This is why an assessment of your constitution, and your current state of balance, can help establish a set of personalized recommendations to support you in your journey through life; mind, body, and soul

What to expect

We will talk a lot about you, your life, your habits, medical/physical concerns, your digestion, all of it. It's all connected. Before our assessment, you will be sent a link for an intake form, I urge you to fill it out truthfully, we have no judgment, and you should not try to "pass" the assessment. It's to get the information we need to support you in your healing.  Once we meet, we will go over your assessment (yes, lots more questions); you should take it beforehand so we can get right into the nitty gritty.

Then we work on a plan to bring you back into balance, the plan can range from creating daily routines to better food combinations, better sleep, a supportive lifestyle and so much more.

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