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Private Yoga Sessions  30 and 60 Minutes

By Appointment only

Yoga classes are a great way to feel better, become stronger, more flexible and to help with pain. But sometimes you may need a little more.

    - Rehabbing from an injury

    - Living with/in Chronic pain

    - Need a little guidance or accountability for

      your personal practice.

    - Class times just don't fit in your schedule.

Private sessions are designed around you. Nothing can take the place of a group class but a private session (or more depending on your  circumstance) can really help hone in on what is best for you


Maybe class time don't fit with your schedule, private sessions may be the answer. You can even pair up with a friend and have shared yoga session. Price stays the same for one or two people so having a friend to practice with can be nicer on your wallet! 

Please email satyayogawny@gmail.com or text/call 716-228-8325 to make an appointment as studio hours will be limited while we reopen and as the country works through Covid-19.

Meditation Coaching

By appointment only

Meditation, mindfulness, calm mind, you can't turn on the TV, go through your facebook news feed without seeing countless stories and posts about the subject. Apps to help you meditate.... But what really is meditation? 

We offer one on one and scheduled group courses to help answer that question and move you towards your meditation practice. Practice is the key here, as most of us can't just sit still and quiet for twenty minutes (and who said it has to be twenty minutes?)

Their are many paths to a meditation practice the fact is, you need to find the path that resonates best with you and your needs. That is where we come in, working with you on pranayama (breath) practices, mindfulness, concentration, sense withdrawal, finding your seat, plus much more.

If you are looking to begin and/or explore meditation sign up for coaching or a group course (when offered) today.

Wellness Coaching

By appointment only

Wellness coaching is designed to help clients find motivation and the right tools to achieve their physical, emotional and mental goals.


A Wellness Coach helps clients reach their personal goals by developing a plan of action that is attainable and personalized to the client, and will bring overall well-being to their life. 


What will we do for you?

​     - We will work with you to create a long-term wellness 

        strategy that is a perfect fit for you.  

     - We will inspire, empower and motivate you.

     - We will listen closely to and work with you to achieve

        your desired goals.

     - Help you develop sustainable strategies for your health

        wellness goals.

     - Develop a completely personalized and attainable plan 

        designed just for you.

     - Support, support, support.  We've got your back.

Who is wellness coaching for?

- Honestly, anyone. You don't have to have "something wrong" 

- A new diagnosis that requires lifestyle changes

- Diet and nutrition support

- Weight loss support

- Emotional and Mental Health support

- Trouble sleeping

- Stress reduction

- Support getting motivated (for anything)

- Goal setting

- Exercise

- injury/illness prevention and/or support from it getting worse.

- to name a few

Meeting Twice a month is suggested. However depending on the individual and their goals and plan it may require more or less meetings.

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