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Questions and Answers

Do I have to register for class or can I just show up?

Yes, you must register for class. you have until two hours before the class starts to check in. Register here

I am a beginner, what class should I start with.

All of our classes are accessible for everybody. We do offer a beginners yoga class on the schedule, times and days are subject to change.

Do you offer Kids classes?

We do not. 

Can I bring my teen/ Child to class?

We do allow kid/teens to come to class with a parent, as long as they are respectful to everyone in the room. keeping in mind that these classes are for adults and teens/kids can often get bored rather quickly in class. 

Do I need to bring my own mat?

Please bring your own mat and props, it is safer for our clients to have their own mats and props. 

What should I wear?

Comfortable breathable clothing is best. No need to get our your Sunday best. 

What if I'm not flexible or in shape?

Yoga is a practice, and that is what we do, practice. Flexibility will come with time and the practice doesn't discriminate (nor do we) over body type, health, physical ability, race,  nothing. If you can breath, you can practice yoga. 

Do you have hot yoga?

We do not have hot (105 degree) or heated (85 to 90 degrees). Our room is at a comfortable temp generally between 70 and 73 degrees. 

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