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We are committed to making yoga accessible for everyone. We offer a safe, fun, comfortable, non-judgmental space for everyone to practice, and we work tirelessly to break down the barriers that keep people from practicing yoga. 

We can't wait to practice with you!
Here's what you need to know.

  • Registration is required for all classes. It's easy, go to our Class Schedule page and click book, that's it!​ Registration is open until two hours before the start of class and you can cancel up to two hours before the start of class.

  • Classes are hybrid, so please double-check that you are registering for the correct class (online/In-studio)   

Click on the day of the week below to see that day's offerings. Use the arrows to move to the next week.

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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We offer more than just great Yoga classes, like health Coaching, private and semi-private yoga sessions, meditation coaching, Ayurvedic Assessments and lifestyle classes, and philosophy classes that move your yoga journey beyond the pose.

Yoga with Props

Theraputic Yoga


Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Private Yoga

30m and 60m

Exercise Bands

Personal Training and Health Coaching

$30m and 60m

Yoga Sutra 1.33

Infusing the mind with friendliness, compassion, cheerfulness, and uninvolved observation in relation to those living a happy, miserable, virtuous, and non-virtuous life respectively, results in reclaiming a pristine state of mind.

Laughing Yoga

At our studio, classes are taught to serve the needs of individuals in the room. We design our classes around you, what are your wants and needs for that practice that day.

Yoga Sutra 1.2 Complete mastery over the modifications of the mind is called yoga.

Yoga Sutra 2.46

Posture (asana) should be stable (sthira) and comfortable (sukha). Becoming established in a good place. 


We love and support our community, especially our veteran community.  When you see a karma class in the schedule know that the proceeds taken from that class are going to support a local organization (which will be announced). WNYHeroes, Warriors at ease, Veteran Yoga project, The city mission, and the Himalayan Institutes Humanitarian efforts are just a few organizations we have supported.


Equanimity of the mind is yoga. Do everything centered in that equanimity. Renouncing all attachments, you'll enjoy an undisturbed mind in success or failure

-The Bhagavad Gita Ch.2 Vs.48

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